About Our Instructors

Mr. Myers and Mr. Myers

Mr. Robert Myers and Mr. Nick Myers are the main instructors and owners at Madison Karate For Kids. Read More

karate for adults

We are better know by the name Madison Karate for Kids, but that is not all we do! Our adult classes are just as important as our Kids classes. We train individuals at all levels of training, size, background and intelligence. You will feel at home here because we strive to "Just have fun out there!"

Sounds good, doesn't it? Go ahead and sign up for the introductory course where you can try out our system before you sign up for training for good. You can do this by calling us at 440-417-0199 to set up a free private consultation about what we are and how we do it. Click here for more information on our introductory course.

Go here for more information about our Black Belt Academy, which is the name of our Karate for Adults Classes.

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